Les Troènes

Les Troènes

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Hôtel** Les Troènes, Montpellier


Our hotel is located in the heart of the Universities and Hospitals pole of Montpellier, especially the C.H.R.U.

But Montpellier is a city heritage not to be missed with the Place de la Comedie, Opera Berlioz Corum.

You can also stroll through the Peyrou Gardens or, for the more extravagant in its shopping centers Polygone or Oddysséum that combine shopping and entertainment.

.Finally, let you carry to the sandy beaches of Palavas-les-Flots and Grande Motte, or exploring the gorges of the Herault and visit St Guilhem the Desert

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Hôtel Les Troènes **

17 Avenue Emile Bertin-Sans



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